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Applications for Ional®

Ional in Red Meat
WTI in Red Meat

In an effort to maximize margins, processors of red meat products are seeking innovative ways to increase their yields. Studies indicate that IONAL has almost twice the ionic strength of salt. Due to its superior ionic strength, WTI’s IONAL line – water-soluble blends of buffered sodium citrate or buffered potassium citrate – achieves greater marinade pickup and less purge in the package.

IONAL improves the product quality in the key areas of color, flavor and shelf life.

Processors of fresh red meat understand that shelf life can be dictated by consumer perception of organoleptics. The natural discoloration of red meat, through oxidative browning, has a negative consumer perception and may therefore shorten a products shelf life. WTI’s IONAL line can maintain the fresh red "bloom" that consumers prefer.

WTI’s IONAL line can increase shelf life of products by inhibiting the growth of spoilage bacteria and assist in pathogen control.

For ready to eat applications, IONAL LC and IONAL Plus – buffered sodium citrate, sodium diacetate blends – are formulated to target Listeria monocytogenes, a foodborne pathogen associated with ready- to-eat products.

Additionally, IONAL products can inhibit the growth of Clostridium perfringens in red meats.

WTI also offers the K IONAL product line – buffered potassium citrate blends – to aid customers seeking low sodium alternatives.

WTI can assist customers in selecting the IONAL ingredient that best meets their specific need to reduce sodium, enhance product quality, yield, shelf-life and pathogen control.