quality assurance

quality assurance

BRC Food Certificated

Quality is the hallmark of all WTI products and processes. Clients can be assured that our products and processes are continually monitored for quality and safety, as are the products and processes of its suppliers. Our commitment to excellence insures that you will receive quality, safe and legal products.

In addition to sampling and testing all incoming product for pH, moisture content, granularity and other critical criteria, we require that our suppliers undergo an annual third-party audit to ensure their processes and products meet or surpass all applicable standards for safety and quality.

Additionally, we’ve implemented dedicated HACCP plans for our dry, liquid lines, as well as for products that undergo drying during manufacturing, in order to address the potential chemical and biological hazards indigenous to each. The plans also identify and target control points upstream and downstream of manufacture to address issues ranging from temperature and moisture control to pest and humidity control.

Like all incoming raw materials, our outgoing finished product is sampled and tested to ensure it conforms to all applicable standards for quality and safety.

We’re committed to sourcing, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution practices that ensure our customers receive wholesome, quality product.