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    WTI operates one of the most advanced R&D facilities of its kind in the nation at its headquarters in Jefferson, Georgia.


    The facilities allows us to partner with customers to extend shelf life, reduce sodium, enhance color and improve yields.

our facility

Our Facility

From state-of-the-art manufacturing, warehousing and distribution capabilities to our R&D facility that utilizes the latest technology of its kind in the nation, WTI’s headquarters in Jefferson, Georgia, is equipped to provide customers with the solutions they need, when they need them.

Our R&D and food-safety plant allows us to partner with customers in developing blends of dry and wet product that extend shelf life, reduce sodium, enhance color and improve yields, all while meeting the needs of niche markets such as natural or clean label products. Our fully equipped pilot plant allows us to further refine solutions for both fresh and further-processed products, ensuring that finished product meets all customer specifications.

Our customer-oriented approach promotes quick and efficient fulfillment of customer orders. Custom blending is also available and can be developed quickly. Our processing, handling, packaging and tracking technologies allow us to fulfill orders for standard product in a few days.

To enhance throughput, our facility is equipped with dedicated production lines for dry and liquid blends. Each line conforms to unique standards for quality and safety. All finished product is sampled and tested prior to shipment.

Our facility and staff of food industry professionals are dedicated to consistently achieving superior results for all of our customers, and superior products for consumers.