our values

our values

A Scientific and Research Driven Approach

The backbone of WTI is our food scientists. Not only were they trained at some of the best schools in the country but they posses years of industry expertise. We also maintain long-standing and mutually beneficial research and teaching relationships with many of the world’s leading food science and food safety programs, allowing us to develop and fully validate cutting edge ideas and new product formulations to meet our customers’ needs.

Innovation and Constant Improvement

Never satisfied with the status-quo, WTI has a strong track record of leading the way for the industry in terms of developing unique solutions to some of its most pressing issues.

A Focus on Relationships, Rather Than Sales

Because we’ve never lost sight of our family-owned company heritage, we believe in creating customers for life, rather than making a quick sale. Our customers will never be an order number or a quota to us and will always receive superior personalized service.

Market-driven, Consumer-relevant Technologies

WTI’s commitment to customers goes beyond just keeping pace with consumer demands. Our focus is on anticipating these ever-changing demands and creating products and solutions to help our customers meet them. We do this by leading the way in areas such as nutriceuticals and clean label technologies.

Customized Client Solutions, Designed to Ensure Their Success

Each customer has his or her own unique set of challenges and issues, so we never take a cookie cutter approach. While many of our products address a wide range of food safety and quality issues, our food scientists will work with you to develop customized solutions to meet your specific goals and challenges.